This is a candidature for the "Europe for Citizens" program, that we presented on deadline 1st March 2015.

Goal of this project is to link the involvement that citizens have in specific local causes (in our case, public transport, environment, gender parity, civic participation), together with the involvement of a citizens' Europe (far from a technocratic vision of Europe).

Project name : Active Citizens Training (ACT)

Funding Program “Europe for citizens”. Program goal : promote European citizenship. Deadline : 1st September.

Problem addressed : today, NGO's consider too rarely Europe as a potential interlocutor to solve their issues, while Europe is often now the real place where decision happens. Second problem addressed : today, NGO volunteers have rarely occasions to improve and review their skills in civic action.

Project goal : civic organizations from 10 countries, active in different fields (European federalism, civic participation, environment, gender parity, public services), want to empower a group of 20 of their experienced volunteers, by providing together a framework for mutual training and practice, with know-how in European action and good pratice in organizing efficient civic action.

Project Activities (work packages) :

  • 1. The partners organize a training during 18 monthes, based on the know-how of each partner organization, for a group of volunteers (2 from each partner), along 6 meetings and on-line
  • 2. The volunteers organize a campaign towards the European Union, based in the needs perceived at local level by the partners

Action list :
1.1 initial training on civic organizing
1.2 coaching follow-up on civic organizing
1.3 training on Gender parity and citizenship
1.4 training on Conciliation with public service providers
1.5 training on European vision
1.6 training on Working in an adverse civic context
1.7 training on Working as a Federation
2.1 event in Bucharest
2.2 event in Rome
2.3 event in Athens
2.4 event in Lisbon
2.5 event in Brussels
2.6 event in Sofia
2.7 coordinate the series of events
3.1 produce a common European campaign
3.2 diffuse information about how the EU works
4 dissemination of the project
5.1 select and follow-up local volunteers
5.2 general project coordination
5.3 budget coordination
5.4 preparation

Role expected of each partner :

  • select 2 volunteers that will actively participate during all the project
  • ensure the volunteers participate to produce a citizens' contributions about a European policy (Winter 2015-2016)
  • contribute to the training by sharing the own best practices
  • 6 partners organize a project meeting at their place

Calendar : start September 2015, end January 2017.

Project partners :

This project will have partners from 10 countries.

Project events :

  • September 2015: Tirgu Jiu (Bucharest), Romania
  • December 2015 : Roma, Italy
  • June 2016 : Athens, Greece
  • July 2016 : Lisbon, Portugal
  • October 2016 : Bruxelles, Belgium
  • January 2017 : Koprivshtiza, Bulgaria

Contact : Raphael Calvelli, Tel: +32 2 318 37 67. calvelli @


See also this position article : "Why active citizens should now care about Europe"