What are our rights when we take a coach ?

This page presents briefly what are currently our rights of road passenger (long-distance bus or coach travel), as established by the European regulation. We do not present our rights established by the national regulation in a specific country. Goal of this page is not to make a deep analysis of these rights, but to give a short presentation, in the wide panorama of regulation applied to sustainable mobility, so everyone can better understand their rights. Looking for more details ? Looking for help to implement your rights in a specific situation ? Get in contact with a consumers association in your country. Sources : Fnaut, Wikipedia http://openclipart.org/image/800px/svg_to_png/26849/johnny_automatic_scales_of_justice.png The European law appliying to road travel is the Regulation n.181 of 2011. It applies to travels longer than 250 km (while some minor dispositions still apply for shorter travels).

  • Delay : if delay > 120mn : refund ticket plus 50% compensation, if traveller renounces to the trip. But no compensation if traveller has been informed before departure. Right to be rerouted through another route without additional cost, in case of delay > 2h, cancellation or surbooking. Refund must be paid back within 14 days, while compensation must be paid within 1 month. Source : Regulation 181/2011 (art. 19).
  • Travel cancelled : same dispositions as when delay > 120mn, as described above.
  • Assistance : snack, meal, accomodation, starting from 90mn delay in a travel lasting minimum 3 hours. But no compensation if delay is due to external cause (as exceptionally bad weather). Source : Regulation 181/2011 (art. 21)