What are our rights when we take a train ?

This page presents briefly what are currently our rights of rail passenger, as established by the European regulation. We do not present our rights established by the national regulation in a specific country.

Goal of this page is not to make a deep analysis of these rights, but to give a short presentation, in the wide panorama of regulation applied to sustainable mobility, so everyone can better understand their rights.

Looking for more details ? Looking for help to implement your rights in a specific situation ? Get in contact with a consumers association in your country.

Sources : Fnaut, Wikipedia

General rights

  • Delay : if delay > 60mn : price ticket refund of 25%, or even 50% (delay > 120mn). But no compensation if delay is due to an external reason (as exceptionally bad weather).

Source : Regulation 1371/2007, art. 17.
If a delay > 60mn is probable : passenger has also choice between renouncing to travel and have ticket refund, or continue travel, or rerouting (same day or another day chosen by the passenger).
Source : Regulation 1371/2007, art 16.

Moreover, operator has liability in case of late running (excluding cases of external cause), but no precision about eventual compensation. This is stated not by European Regulation, but by art. 32-1 of RU-CIV ("Règles uniformes concernant le Contrat de transport international ferroviaire des voyageurs").

RU-CIV are a document of the International Rail Transport Committee, an international body where most rail operators participate, that makes transpositions of international rail transport laws for rail operators.

Moreover, between 25% and 50% of ticket price, when at least 1 hour delay. As stated by art 9.2 on "sustained delays" of GCC (General conditions of carriage for rail passengers) : GCC is another document of the CIT

Assistance : snack, meal, accomodation, in case of delay > 60mn.
Source : Regulation 1371/2007, art 18-2, 18-3.
If not possible to continue the travel the same day : assistance as accomodation or refund of reasonable incurring expenses.
Source : art 9.4 of GCC.

Information : the train operator or the station operator keeps informed passengers of the situation and of departure and arrival planned times, as soon as these informations are available.
Source : Regulation 1371/2007, art 18-1.
Passengers must be informed about their rights.
Source : Regulation 1371/2007, art 29.

See a presentation of these rights on the website of the European Commission.