Europe is today the level where the most impacting policies are being set. This is an essential dimension for an issue present everywhere as it is for sustainable mobility.

There are different stakes concerning the European dimension :

  • The European institutions, as a global government, that must be informed how to produce the best relevant policies, for what concerns regulation, funding or any other governing tools;
  • The organized civil society in Europe, ie. all organisations involving at European or national or regional level, on any issue potentially impacting sustainable mobility;
  • The citizen, that must be informed and given a chance to participate to the debate.
  • The most powerful situation is when the citizens are conscious of the direct connexion between their own experience and what happens at the European level, and how they can contribute. This is why Citizens & Mobility aims not to only promote the good policies themselves, but rather aims to give citizens more decision-making power on mobility decisions, so they can act autonomously in their own territory.

The project of an integrated democratic European Union is still unaccomplished, and we hope that, by raising civic mobilisation about European stakes, we will contribute to develop an active European consciousness.

European civic awareness initiatives on sustainable mobility issues will be displayed on this page.