We Move proposes a series of services, based on the expertise of our network participants, that support the development of projects, campaigns and organizations, that make mobility systems more inclusive of user's perspective.

These services are offered to :

  • user and citizen organizations, to help them in their own development
  • transport authorities and local governments, to become a better interface
  • transport operators and services providers

These activities contribute to fund our organization.


1. Project development

For any activity, you need to have clear goals, find appropriate ressources, have a methodology.

  • How to organize a successful project, that will contribute to solve your problem ?
  • Accuracy check : why this project ? Check between goal, means planned and ressources available
  • Prepare a budget
  • Find the appropriate partners
  • Strategy, tactics


2. Project management

  • The different phases of a project
  • What is a project team ?
  • What are risks, and ways to prevent them ?
  • Preventing and solving conflicts
  • Following the budget, expenses and accounting
  • Good communication