The change we want to achieve, is that citizens gain more decision-making power about mobility in Europe.

This can happen if rather than having users remain isolated or fragmented in small organisations, they instead come together to form a strong European stakeholder that influences mobility decisions, both when services are being planned with institutional stakeholders (“how many trains should there be every morning ?”), as well as when controlling if services are running well (“why is that train running late every morning ?”).

In short, this strategy has three aspects :

1. help organizations acting in all impacted fields of mobility (train, bike, pedestrians, gender equality, accessibility, open data, etc.) to work in synergy > cooperation

2. help in building a shared awareness of European policies > lobby

3. help associations to develop strong local committees, quality projects, and spread a culture of active citizenship > network

We believe that a small team, in connection with all European organizations already involved, and by providing adapted services in fundraising, coordination and leadership, can help to achieve that change with success.