A vision for people mobility and public transport in Europe

This is the vision of our team :


This is what we want !

  • Citizens should be not just be final consumers of transport anymore, passively choosing between existing services, wither these are satisfactory or not. Instead, they should be a key stakeholder in the decision-making process of planning transport services, controlling their correct implementation, and be able to react effectively when something goes wrong.
  • Today people's mobility impacts everything : public transport (local to international), infrastructures - and particularly concerning safety - it includes all modes (pedestrians and any vehicle), urban integration and information services. A user-oriented mobility is crucial todya, as transport has become the interface between citizens and employment or growth, in the context of a European Union whose economic model is still to be redefined.
  • But there are many threats against the quality of mobility services : inefficiency, lack of funding or planning, market abuses, corruption, fraud, lobbying of adverse interests. There are of course correction mechanisms, as law, government control, healthy competition or media attention - yet we believe all these are not always sufficient, and citizens should be allowed more involvement on transparency and service quality. Indeed, citizens are currently underrepresented in the decision-making processes on mobility.
  • Who hasn't felt helpless when experiencing poor transport service ? Too often, we citizens have to struggle to get even basic interactions about the services we use, just to start dialogue with authorities. Unfortunately, too often, officials won't listen nor really cooperate.
  • This is why we need change : citizens should have the possibility to contribute easily to mobility. Everyone should have the right to understand how a service is organized, to provide their own information, expertise or proposals, and to contribute to the work of institutions, from initial decisions until final control. Regulation should guarantee us an easy implementation of this right.
  • Our organization contributes to provide coordination and support, aiming at connecting actions carried out by all stakeholders through Europe, and at supporting citizens in getting more decision-making power on public transport and all forms of sustainable mobility.